1. Portrait d'une Negresse" by Marie-Guillemine Benoist 40"x30" oil on canvas

Copying masterworks has long been a method of understanding painting techniques. Commissioned by Aaron Spelling productions to recreate some masterpieces for the set of "The Colbys" - a spin-off of the very popular "Dynasty" - I practiced the techniques of NC Wyeth, Gauguin (2.), Monet (3.), and Cezanne  (4.)  among others, 46 in all. The Colbys were the proud owners of "The Colby Collection of fine Art." These reproductions were both part of the script and covered the walls of the sets. Other such  commissions followed, among them Lorimar Productions and the BBC. 

5. Reproduction of Pontormo's "The Visitation" for the Santa Barbara il Madonnari Festival- 8'x8' pastel on blacktop.

6. Galleria Nazionalle de Marche, Urbino" by Pierro della Francesca 14 1/2" x 47 3/4 in. - oil on board - owned by the Francis Nauman Gallery

7. 8.  The Getty Museum, Decorative Arts wing is filled with delicate and valuable objects that must be protected from the seismic instability of Southern California. Every piece in the collection has been fitted with a stabilizer fashioned by the highly skilled preparators of the museum. These fitting has to disappear into the surfaces on which they sit. I was commissioned to do just that, to paint the mounts to match the surfaces on which they sit.