1.  Buddha restoration at the Ojai Foundation 12'x5'x5' concrete concrete stains and gold leaf

2. 3. 4. "Healing" mural for New Directions Veterans Rehabilitation Center Westwood, CA 10'x60' - acrylics

5. "Same Ole Paradise" by Alexis Smith for the Brooklyn Museum 20'x60' latex on muslin - Commissioned to illustrate small maquette and paint foreground images- snake and oranges on final mural installation.  

6. 7.  "Snake Path" by Alexis Smith for the Stuart Collection on the UCSD campus, 560'x10' slate path - Commissioned to Illustrate and create preliminary design for the head of the snake.

8. 9.  "Pacific Rim" by Alexis Smith - LA Convention Center - Terrazzo floor mural Commissioned to design and illustrate medallion elements.

10. 11. "Concourse D"  (detail) - 4"x225" - Pastel on black illustration board -Commissioned by Alexis Smith to design a 225 foot long deco style sign that would hang above people movers in the Miami International Airport. This was part of a Robert Irwin project.

12. "Adios" collaboration with Alexis Smith - acrylic on Chevy fender in the collection of Charles Burrows

13. "Palm Reader" 14. Running on Empty" 15. "Rocky Road" - Commissioned to paint background images for these collages by Alexis Smith..